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Hyun-jin Ryu gives impression to the world by his pitching. So does Yunna Kim by her beutiful performance. Yes! I want to be a software engineer giving impression to the world by my source codes.

I am a passionate, responsible and committed engineer, with experiences of designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated online web applications using distributed technologies on the cloud computing environment.


메이저리거 류현진 선수는 공 하나로 많은 사람들에게 감동을 줍니다. 세계적인 피겨퀸 김연아 선수 역시 아름다운 무대를 통해서 전세계 수많은 사람들에게 감동을 선사합니다. 저 역시 코드를 통해서 사람들에게 감동을 줄 수 있는 소프트웨어 엔지니어가 되는 것이 목표입니다.

삼성SDS와 KT, 잡플래닛을 거쳐 현재는 "디지털 물류의 시작과 끝" 로지스팟에서 최고기술책임자(CTO)로 일하고 있습니다.


스타트업 인 액션
기술 스택 선정, SEO, 로그 분석, 검색 및 추천, 보안, 개발 문화까지
전호상 저 | 이상과공상 | 2017년 4월 12일

스타트업을 시작하는 프로그래머를 위한 거의 모든 것

IT 기술 기반의 스타트업을 구현하려면 다양한 분야의 지식과 경험이 필요한다. 그러나 스타트업의 특성상 초기에 이러한 지식과 경험을 가진 전문가를 영입하기란 매우 어렵다. 그렇다고 해서 한 명이 모든 분야의 전문성을 갖추기란 어렵다.

이 책은 스타트업을 구현하는 데 필요한 각 분야의 기술을 알아보고 실제 구현하는 방법을 알아봄으로써, 스타트업에서 경험하지 않으면 알기 어려운 것들과 적은 인력으로 초기에 겪어야 할 기술적 수행착오를 줄이고자 한다. 또한, 알맞은 기술 요소 선택과 하나의 서비스가 어떻게 이루어지는지 관심이 있으신 분들께 추천한다.

  • 제1장 Getting Started
  • 제2장 프론트엔드 레이어
  • 제3장 웹 애플리케이션 개발
  • 제4장 로그 데이터 분석
  • 제5장 Full Text 검색과 추천 시스템
  • 제6장 인프라스트럭처
  • 제7장 아마존 웹 서비스 (AWS)
  • 제8장 보안
  • 제9장 개발 문화
  • 제10장 서비스 규모의 도약을 위한 준비
  • 제11장 결국, 제일 중요한 건 사람
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Tech Lead, Ruby on Rails, Elasticsearch, NoSQL

Tech lead

  • Managing and orchestrate product(platform) development team to achieve business goal.
  • Doing Dev-ops tasks to serve stable and cost-effective quality of service.
  • Managing enterprise software license compliance.
  • Managing on-off line sercurity vulnerabilities.

Server-side development

  • Building a RESTful web application with Ruby on Rails and Laravel(PHP) in the way of well formed ORM concept..
  • Server-side programming using Java with Spring framework and Node.js.
  • Software and data architecture design following MVC architecture.
  • Responsive Web user-interface programming using the latest web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3 and Bootstrap.
  • Familiar with application development in Cloud computing environment such as kt ucloud or AWS.

Full-text Search & Data Analysis

Ruby on Rails





Graduating with double majors at Ajou University.

Ajou University, Korea

Bachelor of Information & Computer Engineering - Graduated: 2008

I attended classes in O/S, object-oriented programming (Java), computer communications, database management systems, algorithms, data structure, software engineering, and system programming.

Bachelor of Biological Science - Graduated: 2008

I attended classes in molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics. I studied not only biological theory, but also the way to research while doing lab internship.

University College Cork, Ireland

Visiting Student. Sept, 2006 - Dec, 2006

I studied in Ireland UCC (University College Cork) as a visiting student. I attended five major classes and I got an A+ in each one. It is guaranteed that I truly have no problem with communicating in English for work.


Service platform development as a Tech Lead

LOGISPOT https://www.logi-spot.com

Chief Technical Officer / Seoul, Korea / May, 2018 - Current

Product team management

Responsible for overall platform development and efficient running of IT operations.

Direct the development and implementation of Logistics platform.

Managed enterprise security vulnerabilities and soft license compliance.

JOBPLANET https://www.jobplanet.com

Software Engineer / Seoul, Korea / Nov, 2014 - May, 2018

Data analysis backend

Collecting logs and process KPIs such as MAU, DAU, Session durations, Marketing campaign efficiencies. (PrestoDB, Elasticsearch, Logstash)

Personalized full-text search

Personalized job posting search based on user's interests (Content-based) and behaviors (Collaborative filtering).

News collecting and displaying related news
Company recommender system using Collaborative Filtering (Apache Spark)


Software Engineer / Seoul, Korea / Dec, 2012 - Nov, 2014

KT GenomeCloud platform design and development

I designed and developed human genome annotation and context based decision support system using Elasticsearch the distributed search engine built on top of the apache lucene. Apart from that, I have developed server side applications listed below using Java and Node.js

  • RESTful API server development (Node.js)
  • Distributed DB/searching system development (Elasticsearch)
  • Automated genome analysis platform development & maintenance (Spring framework)


Software Engineer / Seoul, Korea / Jan, 2008 - Nov, 2012

Bioinformatics Algorithm Research & Development

I was the member of the Bioinformatics Service Global Launching Project. I designed the whole software architecture of that system and designed and developed the automatic analysis pipeline system for NGS data. You can view the web user interfaces of this system here.

I used Java, Spring framework, JSP, JavaScript, SQL, WebLogic web application server, and Oracle 10g RDBMS. I adapted the Hadoop framework to handle big input and intermediate data, and I developed some MapReduce programs to increase the performance of data analysis.

Development of Taxation & Deposit Systems

I worked in Japan to develop taxation systems for one and one-half years. I developed a taxation system for a municipalities administration development project with RYOMO Inc., Japan. I developed the taxation system for an administrative backbone system reconstruction project at Urasoe city, Japan. For these projects, I used Java, JSP, JavaScript, SQL, MiPlatform(a X-Internet development tool), Spring framework, WebLogic web application server, JEUS web application server, and Oracle 10g RDBMS.

In Korea, I developed the deposit subsystem for the Korean Mail Center's Everrich financial system. During this project, I used Pro*C, SQL, Tuxedo middleware, and Oracle 10g RDBMS.